Canadian scholars
Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds
2016 diversity justice community cvr
274 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
January 2017
Print ISBN: 9781551309156
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This groundbreaking resource will introduce readers to community justice, a growing field dedicated to mobilizing communities as active partners in crime control. Providing a solid foundation in the relevant theoretical approaches, frameworks, and terminology, contributors highlight the barriers and injustices diverse populations face when interacting with Canada’s criminal justice system.

Beverly-Jean Daniel’s anthology investigates the specific experiences of differently located groups, including Indigenous women and girls, LGBTQ people, Somali youth, and others, working towards possible solutions to issues of justice and equity at both the community and institutional level.

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Table of Contents

Introduction, Beverly-Jean Daniel

Chapter 1: Critical Discussion of Terms, Beverly-Jean Daniel

Chapter 2: Explorations of Justice and Injustice: A Canadian Perspective, Beverly-Jean Daniel, Greg McElligott

Chapter 3: Upgrading Fear: The Politics of Prisons in Canada, Greg McElligott

Chapter 4: Religion and Rehabilitation, Aqeel Saeid

Chapter 5: Troubling and Disrupting the “Cradle to Prison Pipeline”: The Experience of Black Youth in Ontario, Beverly-Jean Daniel

Chapter 6: Decolonizing the Response to Violence against Indigenous Women and Girls through Community Justice, Jennifer Fraser

Chapter 7: Dead and Gone: The Crisis of the Justice System’s Non-Response to the Deaths of Canadian Youth of Somali Descent, Ahmed Ilmi

Chapter 8: South Asian Youth and the Justice System , Beverly-Jean Daniel, Sabra Desai

Chapter 9: Experiences of Familial Racism as a Precursor to Gang Involvement, Mark Totten, Emily Stroebel, Mia Hershkowitz

Chapter 10: LGBTQ Issues in Policing and Prisons: Understanding Gender/Sexuality as it Intersects with the Justice System, Marty Fink

Chapter 11: Gendering Justice: Exploring Community Based Options for Women and Girls, Rai Reece

Chapter 12: Building Healthy Communities and Reducing Crime: Communities of Practice, Beverly-Jean Daniel

Author Biographies

Beverly-Jean Daniel

Beverly-Jean Daniel is a Program Coordinator and a Professor of Social and Community Services at Humber College.


Diversity, Justice, and Community pulls no punches as it lays bare the reality that oppression, marginalization, and injustice relating to race, gender, and sexual minorities are not confined to history. Thoughtfully written, and drawing on Canadian examples, this book is a useful resource for educators, students, practitioners, and their allies as they work towards a more just and equitable society.”
—  Michael Brandt, Criminology Professor, Northwest Community College

“This text gives students concise yet comprehensive coverage of significant issues in the area of diversity and justice in Canada. This should be a must-read text for all students in the justice field.”
—  Eva Silden, Chair of Criminal Justice, Camosun College

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