Canadian scholars
Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

Abdel-Shehid, Gamal
Who Da Man?
Abdi, Ali A.
Education and the Politics of Difference, 2nd Edition
Abdo-Zubi, Nahla
Sociological Thought
Acker, Sandra
Whose University Is It, Anyway?
Ahmed, Rukhsana
Health Literacy in Canada
Albanese, Patrizia
The Sociology of Childhood and Youth Studies in Canada
Allen, Andrew
Brave New Teachers
Ambalavanar, Darshan
New Demarcations
Andersen, Chris
Race and Racialization, The Indigenous Experience
Anderson, Gillian
Sociology of Home
Anderson, Kim
A Recognition of Being, 2nd Edition
Armstrong, Pat
Studies in Political Economy, Thinking Women and Health Care Reform in Canada, Troubling Care, Women's Health, 2nd Edition, Feminism, Political Economy, and the State
Astle, Barbara
Research Literacy for Health and Community Practice
Aubin, Marie-Christine
Stylistique différentielle, textologie et traduction
Avitzur, Anat
Petites chroniques françaises
Bannerji, Himani
Dark Side of the Nation, Demography and Democracy, Thinking Through
Bantjes, Rod
Social Movements in a Global Context
Baskin, Cyndy
Strong Helpers' Teachings, Second Edition
Batacharya, Sheila
Reena Virk
Bauder, Harald
Immigrant Experiences in North America, Immigration and Settlement
Beaman, Lori G.
Religion and Canadian Society, 2nd Edition
Beaujot, Roderic
The Changing Face of Canada
Besnard, Christine
Apprivoiser l'écrit, deuxième édition
Bezanson, Kate
Rethinking Society in the 21st Century, 4th Edition
Bhatt, Parth
Structure du français moderne, quatrième édition
Bickmore, Kathy
Comparative and International Education, 2nd Edition
Bilsker, Dan
A Concise Introduction to Mental Health in Canada, Second Edition
Biname, J.J.
The French They Never Taught You, 2nd Edition
Bjerknes, Amy
Police Test Tutor
Black, Catherine
Découverte et Communication, deuxième édition, Invitation à écrire, deuxième édition (Volume 1), Invitation à écrire, deuxième édition (Volume 2)
Boland, Tom
Mathematical Models for Teaching
Bolaria, B. Singh
Identity and Belonging
Bourgeault, Ivy Lynn
Population Health in Canada
Braedley, Susan
Troubling Care
Brathwaite, Keren
Access and Equity in the University
Brenna, Beverley A.
Stories for Every Classroom
Brown, Leslie
Research as Resistance, 2nd Edition
Brownlee, Keith
Violence in the Family
Bryant, Toba
Staying Alive, 2nd Edition, Health Policy in Canada, Second Edition
Burke, Anne
Challenging Stories
Byrne, Joseph
Administration Ethics
Cameron, Elspeth
Canadian Culture, Multiculturalism and Immigration in Canada
Campbell, Arlene
Brave New Teachers