Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

Thomas Harrison studied law at Queen's University (2001) and was called to the Bar in 2002 after articling with Ontario's Divisional Court. He worked for the provincial Ministry of the Attorney General and at the Superior Court as policy counsel. Thomas has also worked as counsel with the Federation of Law Societies, Ontario's Death Investigation Oversight Committee, and served as adjudicator with the provincial Consent and Capacity Board. His 2016 doctoral dissertation examined the independent roles of legal officials in the justice system. In addition to his Ph.D. in law, Thomas has a M.A. in public policy and administration (MPPA) from Ryerson University and degrees in education and history from Queen's University. Prior to studying law, Thomas worked as an educator and social worker. Thomas has taught legal ethics at Queen's University and currently teaches critical thinking and animal law at Durham College.

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