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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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de B’béri, Boulou Ebanda
Women in the "Promised Land"
Dei, George J. Sefa
Inclusive Schooling, New Perspectives on African-Centred Education in Canada, Removing the Margins, Centering African Proverbs, Indigenous Folktales, and Cultural Stories in Curriculum
Déjy-Blakeley, Sylvie
Petites chroniques françaises
de Leeuw, Sarah
Determinants of Indigenous Peoples' Health, Second Edition
Deliovsky, Katerina
Back to the Drawing Board
den Ouden, Pamela H.
Academic Writing, Third Edition
Desalvo, Jean-Luc
En super forme
Desroches, Frederick J.
Behind the Bars, Force + Fear, The Crime That Pays
Diem, Elizabeth
Community and Public Health Nursing, 2nd Edition
DiGeorgio-Lutz, JoAnn
Women and Genocide
Dill, Katharine
Implementing Evidence-Informed Practice
Donelle, Lorie
Health Literacy in Canada
Dossa, Parin
Politics and Poetics of Migration
Doyle, Aaron
Security and Risk Technologies in Criminal Justice
Driedger, Diane
Dissonant Disabilities, Untold Stories
Dua, Enakshi
Scratching the Surface
Duke, David Freeland
Canadian Environmental History
Dunn, Peter A.
Holistic Healing
Dupéré, Sophie
Health Promotion in Canada, Fourth Edition
DuPré, Lindsay
Research and Reconciliation
Eaton, Judy
Academic Literacy in the Social Sciences
Edelson, Miriam
Battle Cries
Eichler, Margrit
More Than It Seems
El Morr, Christo
Introduction to Health Informatics
Enjolras, Laurence
Ce qui se conçoit bien
Epstein, Rachel
Who’s Your Daddy
Etowa, Josephine
Anti-Racist Health Care Practice
Evans, Patricia
Unsettling Activisms
Ezezika, Obidimma
An Introduction to Global Health, Third Edition
Ferguson, Susan
More Than It Seems
Findler, Patrick
Debating Health Care Ethics, Second Edition
FitzGerald, Maureen
Queerly Canadian
Fong, Josephine
Out of the Shadows
Forchuk, Cheryl
Homelessness, Housing, and Mental Health
Fraser, Theresa
A Tapestry of Relational Child and Youth Care Competencies
Fraser, Heather
In the Name of Love
Friesen, John W.
Canadian Society in the Twenty-First Century, Third Edition
Frisken, Frances
The Public Metropolis
Frohlich, Katherine
Health Promotion in Canada, Fourth Edition
Furgiuele, Rosanna
Le français dans le village global, deuxième édition, Le français, ça me plaît
Galabuzi, Grace-Edward
Race and Racialization, Second Edition
Galczynski, Mariusz
Redefining Multicultural Education, Third Edition
Gannon, Susanne
Becoming Girl