Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

Sanders, Carrie B.
Security and Risk Technologies in Criminal Justice, The Craft of Qualitative Research
Sanford, Kathy
Boys, Girls, and the Myths of Literacies and Learning
Sankar, Yassin
Organizational Behaviour, 2nd Edition
Schneider, Christopher J.
Security and Risk Technologies in Criminal Justice
Schneider, Stephen
Canadian Organized Crime
Scott-Dixon, Krista
Trans/forming Feminisms
Seear, Michael
An Introduction to Global Health, Third Edition
Selby, David
Weaving Connections
Settee, Priscilla
Indigenous Food Systems
Shaffir, William
Doing Ethnography
Shalla, Vivian
Working in a Global Era, Second Edition
Shera, Wes
Emerging Perspectives on Anti-Oppressive Practice, Implementing Evidence-Informed Practice
Shields, John
Immigrant Experiences in North America
Shogan, Debra
Sport Ethics in Context
Shukla, Shailesh
Indigenous Food Systems
Shyminsky, Neil
The Spaces and Places of Canadian Popular Culture
Silver, Marie-France
Apprivoiser l'écrit, deuxième édition
Simmons, Alan B.
Immigration and Canada
Singer, Jordan
Brave New Teachers, Teaching for Equity and Diversity
Singer, Sonya E.
Educators on Diversity, Social Justice, and Schooling
Siu, Bobby
Developing Public Policy
Smith, Murray E. G.
Marxist Phoenix, Early Modern Social Theory
Smolkin, Doran
Debating Health Care Ethics, Second Edition
Socken, P.G.
The French They Never Taught You, 2nd Edition
Soderlund, Walter C.
Profiles of Canada, 3rd Edition
Solomon, R. Patrick
Brave New Teachers, Teaching for Equity and Diversity
Sorenson, John
Critical Animal Studies
Spindel, Patricia
Working with Families
Stacey Moore, Gail
Walking in the Good Way / Ioterihwakwaríhshion Tsi Íhse
Staples, Eric
Canadian Perspectives on Advanced Practice Nursing, Perspectives canadiennes de la pratique infirmière avancée
Steckley, John
Aboriginal Voices and the Politics of Representation in Canadian Introductory Sociology Textbooks
Strega, Susan
Research as Resistance, Second Edition
Suen, Elizabeth
Intercultural Communication
Suen , Barbara A.
Intercultural Communication
Suski, Laura
Sociology of Home
Swan, Tracy A.
LGBTQ People and Social Work
Swart, Elizabeth
Women's Voices from the Margins
Swartzentruber, Barbara
Spirituality and Social Work
Symbaluk, Diane
Research Methods, Second Edition
Taylor, P.A.
Social Work Practice in Health Care Settings
Thomas, Mark P.
Work and Labour in Canada, Third Edition
Thomas Bernard, Wanda
Women in the "Promised Land"
Thompson , Brenda
Child and Youth Mental Health in Canada
Thompson Cooper, Ingrid
Walking in the Good Way / Ioterihwakwaríhshion Tsi Íhse
Tilley, Micah
Healthy Minds, Healthy Schools
Titchkosky, Tanya
Rethinking Normalcy