Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Canadian Scholars’ Press
328 pages
6 x 9.25 inches
June 1998
Print ISBN: 9781551301273


Crime and Culture is a pathbreaking work in the critical study of crime and criminology. In this book Livy Visano begins with an overview of the standard perspectives on crime and delinquency. In the clear style that Dr. Visano's readers and students appreciate, he shows how we have come to understand crime in the conventional terms of rules and rule-breaking.

But who makes the rules? Where do our ideas about crime come from? During his more than two decades of teaching and research in the fields of crime and delinquency Livy Visano has come to understand how power influences culture, and culture produces ideologies about crime. Dr. Visano asks the reader to step back from the conventional view in order to see the underlying structures of political economy that have created them.

Readers of this outstanding book are challenged on almost every page to rethink their views about crime. They will finish the work with ideas much modified from those with which they started.

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Table of Contents

Foreword: Challenging Traditions: Towards a Critical Criminological Pedagogy - L.M. Jakubowski

Quotations: Audre Lorde and Angela Davis

Chapter One: Introduction: Connecting Crime and Culture

Chapter Two: Crime as Normative

Chapter Three: Crime as Performative

Chapter Four: The Conflict Paradigms and the "New" Criminologies

Chapter Five: The Contributions of Marx and Engels

Chapter Six: From Marx Towards Critical Cultural Approaches

Chapter Seven: Conclusions: Crime, Culture and Criticality

Bibliography and Suggested Readings

Livy Visano

Dr. Livy Visano is a member of the Department of Sociology, York University, and Dean of Atkinson College.

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