Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Canadian Scholars’ Press
392 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
April 2020
Print ISBN: 9781773381756


Now in its second edition, Developing Public Policy explores the factors and dimensions involved in recognizing and resolving public problems. By presenting six principles for developing good public policy, Bobby Siu identifies various approaches that are used to determine issues, conduct research, formulate policy options and recommendations, and derive intelligent decisions.

Featuring thorough updates in response to changes in policy, this edition reflects newly developed policy areas and topics, including a new chapter on post-policy considerations and more than double the amount of exercises for students to practice policy writing and consultations. This text is well suited for college and university programs in public policy, public administration, political science, health policy, and human rights and equity.

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Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables

Part I: A Framework for Public Policy Development

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Public Policy Developers
Chapter 3 Public Policy and the Government
Chapter 4 Public Policy Products
Chapter 5 Principles of Good Public Policy
Chapter 6 Identifying Public Policy Issues
Chapter 7 Conducting Research and Analyzing Information
Chapter 8 Formulating Policy Options and Recommendations
Chapter 9 Determining Public Policies for Implementation
Chapter 10 Laying the Foundation for the Next Stage
Chapter 11 Conclusion

Part II: Policy Product Exercises

Exercise 1 Correspondence: Energy
Exercise 2 Correspondence: Student Debts
Exercise 3 Briefing Note: Employment and Youth
Exercise 4 Briefing Note: Indigenous Women
Exercise 5 House Book Note: Environment and Building Pipelines
Exercise 6 House Book Note: Public Health and Drug-Related Deaths
Exercise 7 Decision Note: Education and Indigenous Communities
Exercise 8 Decision Note: Taxation and the Rich
Exercise 9 Research Plan: Training and Persons with Disabilities
Exercise 10 Research Plan: Pharmacare and Race/Ethnicity
Exercise 11 Research Paper: Tourism
Exercise 12 Research Paper: Pharmaceutical Contaminants in Water
Exercise 13 Discussion Paper: Health Care
Exercise 14 Discussion Paper: World Politics and International Relations
Exercise 15 Public Consultation Plan: Internet Gaming
Exercise 16 Public Consultation Plan: Privacy and Personal Information in the Not-for-Profit Sector
Exercise 17 Public Consultation Paper: Immigration
Exercise 18 Public Consultation Paper: Taxation and Soft Drinks
Exercise 19 Stakeholder Consultation Paper: International Trade
Exercise 20 Stakeholder Consultation Paper: Mental Health and LGBTQ2S+
Exercise 21 Cabinet Submission: Equity and Women
Exercise 22 Cabinet Submission: Rental Housing Affordability
Exercise 23 Cabinet Presentation: Telecommunication
Exercise 24 Cabinet Presentation: Climate Change in the Arctic
Exercise 25 Management Board Submission: Education and Men
Exercise 26 Management Board Submission: International Education
Exercise 27 Role-Playing the Conversation with a Political Aide: Plastic Wastes
Exercise 28 Role-Playing the Public Consultation Process: Forest Fires
Exercise 29 Role-Playing the Stakeholder Consultation Process: Workplace Monitoring and Employee Privacy
Exercise 30 Role-Playing the Decision-Making Process: Public Housing

Part III: Resources

Appendix 1 Canada: Federal, Provincial and Territorial Governments—Departments, Crown Corporations, Agencies, Boards, and Commissions
Appendix 2 Canadian Laws: Canada, Provinces, and Territories
Appendix 3 Canada: Think Tanks
Appendix 4 Canada: Consulting Firms
Appendix 5 World: Think Tanks


Bobby Siu

Dr. Bobby Siu is a former Adjunct Professor of Public Policy, Administration, and Law at York University. He has over 16 years of public policy development, program implementation, and public administration experience in the government sector.

Developing Public Policy, Developing Public Policy, Second Edition


Developing Public Policy is a straightforward, highly readable, and well-structured introduction to the policy making process in Canada. It proceeds in three parts—clearly written text outlining the fundamentals of policy making (including useful discussion questions), skill-building exercises that help readers apply what they’ve learned, and resources that serve as a starting point for policy research. Taken together, these components make Developing Public Policy a must-use resource for teaching public policy in Canada—it truly is a practical guide.”

“Grounded in theory and focused on practice, the second edition of Bobby Siu’s Developing Public Policy is a window into the world of public policy analysts. Learners not only are exposed to the policy process, but also engage with the modes of analytical thinking and professional communication used by policy developers. This book is an excellent resource for undergraduate and graduate classrooms alike.”

“This book is a must-read for everyone aspiring to create better public policy, including students and public servants. My recommendation is based on my four decades of experience with public policy development as a public servant and an academic. The book is informative, detailed, and clearly written by one of Canada’s leading public policy practitioners. The concepts the author describes are readily understandable and applicable. The policy product exercises are authentic, based on the author’s years of personal experience.”

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For instructors adopting Developing Public Policy, Second Edition, a sample syllabus is available for download.

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