Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds
407 pages
6 x 9 inches
September 2000
Print ISBN: 9781551301808
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Juvenile Crime and Delinquency situates the field of Canadian youth justice historically, cross culturally, theoretically, and politically through a collection of articles by Canadian, British, Australian, and American authors. The major theme in this collection is the tension between juvenile justice policies and soical welfare policies. The articles provide exposure to a variety of perspectives by representing selections from both academic and popular writers. Topics addressed include child saving, moral panics, youth culture, and girl violence, as well as juvenile crime prevention and the ongoing reform of the youth justice system.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Juvenile Crime and Delinquency: A Turn of the Century Reader – Ruth M. Mann

Part One: Juvenile Justice and the Historical Present
Chapter 1: Struggles for Youth Justice and Justice for Youth: A Canadian Example – Ruth M. Mann
Chapter 2: From Child Saving to Child Blaming: The Political Economy of the Young Offenders Act 1908-84 – Paul Havemann
Chapter 3: The Statute: Its Principles and Provisions and Their Interpretation by the Courts – Nicholas Bala and Mary-Anne Kirvan
Chapter 4: One Family's Bid to Halt Teen Violence – Ellie Tesher
Chapter 5: Children Are Not Disposable – Sharlene Azam

Part Two: Youth Violence
Chapter 6: The Study of the Hatred of Children – Bernard Schissel
Chapter 7: Juvenile Lawbreaking since 1945 – D. Owen Carrigan
Chapter 8: A Species Apart – Jonathan Kellerman
Chapter 9: Is the "Quality" of Youth Violence Becoming More Serious? – Anthony N. Doob and Jane B. Sprott

Part Three: Youth Cultures and Youth Gangs
Chapter 10: The Underclass – Charles Murray
Chapter 11: "Take off eh!"--Youth Culture in Canada – Michael Brake
Chapter 12: Teen Gangs: Fear in Our Schools – Michelle Shephard

Part Four: Girl Delinquency
Chapter 13: Justice for Canadian Girls: A 1990s Update – Marge Reitsma-Street
Chapter 14: Jenny's Story – Sibylle Artz
Chapter 15: Youth Culture and Female Delinquency – Kerry Carrington

Part Five: Aboriginal Youth
Chapter 16: Foreword to "Resistance and Renewal" – Randy Fred
Chapter 17: Race, Gender, and Homicide: Comparisons between Aboriginals and Other Canadians – Sharon Moyer
Chapter 18: Cultural Perception and Mainstream Law – Bernard Schissel

Part Six: Solutions
Chapter 19: Rehabilitating Deviant Families in Ontario: From Police Courts to Family Courts – Dorothy Chunn
Chapter 20: Long-Term Effects of Early Childhood Programs on Social Outcomes and Delinquency – Hirokazu Yoshikawa
Chapter 21: A Kinder World for Youth – Bernard Schissel

Ruth Mann

Ruth M. Mann is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University of Windsor. She has previously published Who Owns Domestic Abuse? The Local Politics of a Social Problem, which addresses a community development effort to establish a shelter for women in a small Ontario township.

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