Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds
556 pages
6 x 9 inches
July 2002
Print ISBN: 9781551302027
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  • By the year 2000 more than 50% of the world population will be under the age of 15 (9th UN Congress, 1995).
  • Youth crime is increasing around the world (9th UN Congress, 1995).
  • In September 1997, Canadian Justice Minister, Anne McLellan, declared youth justice as a top priority.

These and similar facts speak to the urgency for society to study youth crime and examine youth justice systems from a comparative perspective. As our world gets smaller, we discover the urgency and importance of sharing and learning at a global level. This collection offers a unique opportunity to examine six different juvenile justice systems and youth crime around the world. All eleven articles are original contributions from a distinguished set of experts on juvenile justice in their respective countries. Each contribution examines a set of common elements: defining delinquency, describing the nature and extent of youth crime, examining the administration of youth justice, and discussing issues confronting youth crime.

This groundbreaking book will be of interest to students, criminologists, and criminal justice policy-makers who are interested in improving the intervention, treatment, and prevention of youth crime, and the administration of youth justice.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Juvenile Justice System: An Austrian Perspective – Mag. Maximilian Edelbacher and Judge Dr. Claudia Fenz
Chapter 2: Juvenile Justice in Belgium – Lode Walgrave
Chapter 3: Juvenile Justice and Young Offenders: An Overview of Canada – John A. Winterdyk
Chapter 4: Youth Injustice in China – Liling Yue
Chapter 5: Comparative Juvenile Justice: England and Wales – Loraine Gelsthorpe and Vicky Kemp
Chapter 6: Juvenile Crime and Juvenile Law in the Federal Republic of Germany – Hans-Jorg Albrecht
Chapter 7: Juvenile Delinquency in Hong Kong – Harold Traver
Chapter 8: Comparative Juvenile Justice: An Overview of Hungary – Maria Herczog and Ferenc Irk
Chapter 9: Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice in India – Tapan Chakreborty
Chapter 10: Comparative Juvenile Justice: An Overview of ltaly – Uberto Gatti and Alfredo Verde
Chapter 11: Juvenile Justice and Juvenile Crime: An Overview of Japan – Minoru Yokoyama
Chapter 12: Juvenile Justice in Namibia - A System in Transition – Stefan Schulz
Chapter 13: Youth Crime and Juvenile Justice in The Netherlands – Henk B. Ferwerda
Chapter 14: An Overview of Juvenile Justice and Juvenile Crime in Russia – Dmitry A. Shestakov and Natalia D. Shestakova
Chapter 15: The Scottish Juvenile Justice System: Policy and Practice – Lesley MeAra
Chapter 16: Juvenile Justice in South Africa – Ann Skelton and Hennie Potgieter
Chapter 17: Juvenile Justice and Youth Crime: An Overview of South Korea – Hyun-Hee Lee and Kun Lee
Chapter 18: Delinquency and Juvenile Justice in the United States – Mark Christopher Stafford and Tracey L. Kyckelhahn

John A. Winterdyk

John A. Winterdyk is an instructor of Criminology at Mount Royal College in Calgary, Alberta.

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