Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Canadian Scholars
634 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
July 2021
Print ISBN: 9781773382401

Compiled by Peggy Edwards, Irving Rootman, Frances Grunberg, and Mélanie Levasseur, with contributions from chapter authors


This website contains annotated lists of further resources organized by topics (and chapters/personal reflections) in the book Promoting the Health of Older Adults: The Canadian Experience. It includes relevant readings (books, reports, articles, and key media reports) and links to websites, organizations, programs, and videos that will enrich your understanding and research related to all of the chapters in the book. This website will be kept up-to-date as new resources are added.

The reader is referred to the references in each chapter, which provide links to important resources and sources for the topic in that chapter. Sometimes, selected references are repeated in these additional resource lists when they provide substantial coverage of the topic in a particular chapter.


General Resources

Part I: Key Demographic, Conceptual, and Theoretical Elements

Part II: Building Healthy Public Policy

Part III: Creating Supportive Environments

Part IV: Strengthening Community Action

Part V: Developing Personal Skills

Part VI: Reorienting Health Services

Part VII: Conclusion