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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Canadian Scholars’ Press
424 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
August 2017
Print ISBN: 9781551309705


Public Policy and Canadian Nursing offers an extensive overview of health policy and the expanding role of nurses in Canada. Focusing specifically on the larger nursing profession, Michael J. Villeneuve examines how issues surrounding health politics, funding, and practices have been impacted by nurses.

The three modules cover: the basics of health care policy, terminology, and governance; the history and evolution of health care in Canada and population health status; the various models for influencing and impacting public policy; and the systematic challenges that lie ahead.

Unique from other texts published in the discipline, this guide will help students enter the nursing workforce better prepared to deliver high quality care and to manage teams, programs, organizations, and systems, by enlightening their understanding of the way health care services are structured, funded, and evaluated. This valuable resource is suitable for use in senior undergraduate and graduate nursing, psychiatric, and public health policy programs.


  • includes chapter highlights, learning outcomes, discussion questions, and brief sketches of notable public policy influencers
  • cites real-world examples of nursing action in public policy

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Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations

Module I. Introduction to Canadian Health Policy, Politics, and Governance

Chapter 1. Politics, Policy, and Health Systems: What Are We Talking About and Why Does All This Matter to Nurses?
Chapter 2. Canadian Federal, Provincial, Territorial, Municipal, and Aboriginal Governance: Who Does What?
Chapter 3. Canadian Health Systems Today: Governance and Organization
Chapter 4. Health Human Resources and Nursing: Structures, Regulation, and Professional Organizations

Module II. Population Health and Health Care in Canada

Chapter 5. Health Systems in Canada: Development and Reform
Chapter 6. Canadian Nursing Initiatives in the Era of Reform
Chapter 7. Making Sense of the Dollars: Understanding the Basic Economics of Canadian Health Care
Chapter 8. Effects and Outcomes of Health Policy: Population Health Status and the Performance of Canada’s Health Systems
Module III. From Ideas to Legislation: How Are Health Policy Decisions Made?
Chapter 9. Models of Policy Development
Chapter 10. Tools and Strategies to Support the Work of Policy
Chapter 11. Forces Influencing Policy Development, Priority Setting, and Allocation of Resources
Chapter 12. On the Horizon: Canada’s Health Systems, Public Policy, and the Nursing Profession Going Forward

Copyright Acknowledgements

Michael J. Villeneuve

Michael J. Villeneuve is an established nurse leader with experience in clinical care delivery, education, management, research, and policy.


“This comprehensive text makes a welcome contribution to emancipatory nursing education resources. Nursing curricula need to include basic civics, social responsibility, political action strategies, and the role of politics in health, but resources that focus on the unique Canadian context have been lacking. Villeneuve brings a commitment to evidence-informed public policy, keen observational skills, and his own unique policy and practice experiences. A must for Canadian nursing educators and leaders across all sectors!”
—  Kathleen MacMillan, PhD, RN, Professor and Director, School of Nursing, Dalhousie University

“Whether you are an experienced professional or a nursing student, this book is a must-read. The author has provided all of us in nursing with a clearly written and easy-to-use resource that guides us through the murky waters of policy development and provides us with wise and practical advice on how to get from policy to practice, and he does it with humour and style.”
—  Gail Donner, PhD, RN, Professor Emerita, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto

“Villeneuve artfully and pragmatically introduces health policy, Canadian policy structures and governance. He weaves these elements together within a Canadian public health and nursing context to form a connected tapestry of health policy decision-making.”
—   Lynn Stevenson, RN, PhD, Associate Deputy Minister, British Columbia Ministry of Health, Victoria, BC; David Byres, DNP, RN, MSN, CHE, Chief Nursing Advisor, British Columbia Ministry of Health, Victoria, BC

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