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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Canadian Scholars’ Press
232 pages
6 x 9 inches
August 2014
Print ISBN: 9781551306285


As the first country in the world to enact a formal policy of multiculturalism, Canada has made impressive strides toward promoting civic inclusion for all; however, the education system remains less than forthcoming about the injustices that shape our democracy and create conditions that teach young people to see difference as deficiency. Ratna Ghosh and Mariusz Galczynski seek to persuade educators to incorporate the ideology of multiculturalism into their classroom pedagogy and professional practice. In this third edition, Redefining Multicultural Education mobilizes an expanded definition of multiculturalism that encompasses gender identity, sexual orientation, religious expression, and (dis)ability.

New features include material on environmental awareness, cyberbullying, multilingual learners, digital technologies, youth radicalization, and recent events in Quebec and First Nations communities. Integrating vignettes, discussion questions, and sample activities with techniques for applying a multicultural lens to any subject area or level of study, this lively and accessible guide is essential for those interested in preparing students for a global economy in which innovation relies, before all else, on diversity.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Preface to the First and Second Editions, 1996 and 2002

Chapter 1: Multicultural Education
Activity 1: “What You See Is What You Get”: Challenging the Implicit Expectations of Labels
Chapter 2: History of Multicultural Education in Canada
Activity 2: “On the Street Where You Live”: (Re)visiting Your Neighbourhood on a Multicultural Walking Tour

Chapter 3: A Framework for a Redefined Multicultural Education
Activity 3: “It All Keeps Adding Up”: Enumerating the Benefits of Privilege

Chapter 4: The School Environment
Activity 4: “Rules Make the Winners”: Exploring How Different Understandings Affect the Ways We Participate

Chapter 5: Teacher Education and Classroom Interactions
Activity 5: “Repeated Exposure May Cause Empathy”: Reflecting on How Our Worldviews Are Shaped by Diversity

Chapter 6: Teaching Strategies and Evaluation
Activity 6: “Your Feedback Is Important to Us”: Generating Discussion of Multicultural Topics through User Comments

Appendix: Useful Websites on Multicultural Education
Primary Source Documents
Educational Organizations
Information Resources
Advocacy Groups with Resources for Educators
Additional Advocacy Groups
Multicultural Resources for Educators
Additional Resources for Educators
Multicultural Open-Access Publications for Educators
Additional Open-Access Publications for Educators
Canadian University-Based Research Centres
American University-Based Research Centres
Multicultural Links Pages
About the Authors

Ratna Ghosh

Ratna Ghosh is James McGill Professor and William C. Macdonald Professor at McGill University, where she was also Dean of the Faculty of Education. The recipient of several awards from national and international organizations, she was featured in Time magazine as one of “Canada’s Best in Education.”

Redefining Multicultural Education, Third Edition, Education and the Politics of Difference, Second Edition

Mariusz Galczynski

Mariusz Galczynski is a lecturer at McGill University, administrator of the Québec Ministry of Education’s English Exam for Teacher Certification, and former secondary school teacher.


"In this new edition, the authors achieve a wide and timely perspective on the important theoretical and practical conjectures that attach the historical with the contemporary in multicultural education studies and practices. This book will greatly benefit scholars, students, teachers, and policy-makers whose work might interact with the many intersections of multicultural learning and teaching in the shifting and complex confluences of society and education."
—  Ali Abdi, Professor and Co-Director of the Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Research, University of Alberta

"A fundamental tool box for pre-service teachers, the central thesis of this text—that multicultural education must be inclusive to develop societies in which ‘difference’ is not a negative concept—provides us with a formidable analysis of how difference and diversity can be reconciled and must be incorporated in the struggle for a just society. This new edition is a must-read for teachers, particularly in Canada but also globally."
—  Carlos Alberto Torres, President of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies, Director of the Paulo Freire Institute, and Associate Dean for Global Programs, University of California–Los Angeles

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