Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Canadian Scholars’ Press
Approx. 300 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
November 2019
Print ISBN: 9781773381336
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In this edited collection, respected professor and scholar Allyson Jule brings together leading academics to discuss the evolution of student diversity in contemporary Canadian classrooms. This book explores a wide range of student complexities, including matters such as mental health, Indigenous education, queer education, youth radicalization and extremism, disability, religious practice, ESL, and refugee student support. This book equips teachers with the foundation needed to build a classroom that unpacks the social fabric of individual student and classroom populations from a place of deep understanding and compassion.

Using a student-centered methodology, readers learn how to navigate difficult situations in the classroom with empathy and consider the distinct lived experiences that inform students’ actions in school. Encouraging critical reflection and a deeper understanding of diversity, this insightful and applicable resource is ideal for students in teacher education programs and for practicing educators across Canada.


  • situates international topics in education, including race, gender, and culture, in a Canadian context
  • includes learning objectives, glossaries, and critical thinking questions within each chapter
  • utilizes both theoretical and research-based approaches to offer a balanced examination of the modern challenges teachers face

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Table of Contents

Allyson Jule

Chapter 1: The Compassionate Educator: Uncovering and Addressing Layers of Complex and Urgent Sociocultural Realities
Verna L. McDonald and Ed Harrison

Chapter 2: Teaching in Difficult Times: The Promise of Care Ethics
Kumari Beck and Wanda Cassidy

Chapter 3: Educators’ Journeys of Studying Contemporary Indigenous History and Culture: Along the Road of Compassion to Reconciliation
Joanna Black

Chapter 4: Straight Teacher Allies: Lessons from Compassionate Educators
Leigh Potvin

Chapter 5: Closing the Gaps: A Compassionate View of Mental Health Beyond the Medical Model
Christina Luzius-Vanin and Alana Butler

Chapter 6: The Compassionate Language Educator: Understanding Social Issues in Canadian Schools
Francis Bangou, Stephanie Arnott, Carole Fleuret, Douglas Fleming, and Marie-Josée Vignola

Chapter 7: “I Just Want My Teachers to Care about Me”: Compassion Through Care with Refugee Students in High School Classrooms
Doug Checkley and Sharon Pelech

Chapter 8: Treating English-Language Students with Respect: Critical Praxis
Jeff Brown and Brett Reynolds

Chapter 9: Help, I’m Being Yelled at By a Parent! Overcoming Interpersonal Challenges with Compassionate Assertiveness
Dawn McBride and Alyson Worrall

Chapter 10: Compassionate Communication: A Key Aspect of Partnering with Parents of Students with Disabilities
Kyle Robinson and Nancy L. Hutchinson

Chapter 11: Viewing with Compassion: Religious Responsiveness in Canadian Schools
David C. Young and Kendra Gottschall

Chapter 12: The Radicalization of Youth in the West: How Can Canadian Teachers Effectively Approach this Issue in Their Classrooms?
Dilmurat Mahmut, Helal Hossain Dhali, and Ratna Ghosh

Chapter 13: Compassion in High-Poverty Schools: Socially Just Educational Leadership in Action
Pam Bishop

Chapter 14: Racism in Schools and Classrooms: Towards an Anti-Racist Pedagogy of Power and Systemic Privilege
George J. Sefa Dei and Rowena Linton

Author Biographies


Allyson Jule

Allyson Jule is a Professor and Dean of Education and the Co-director of the Gender Studies Institute at Trinity Western University. Her areas of interest include gender and education and the sociology of education. Dr. Jule is on the editorial board of Gender and Education and Women and Language Journal and the chair of the Association of BC Deans of Education. She is the recipient of several awards, including Trinity Western University’s Davis Distinguished Teaching Award (2011).


“This book offers important insights into the field of social justice education, reminding us how crucial good educators are to creating classrooms in which all students feel affirmed, and a society that is founded on principles of inclusion and justice.”

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