Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds
  • October 1998
  • 9781896764146
  • $24.95 Print

Cracking the Gender Code

Who Rules the Wired World?
Melanie Stewart Millar
The digital world, its advertising machinery and the popular media are pushing women back into traditional ...
  • June 1998
  • 9781551301273
  • $39.95 Print

Crime and Culture

Refining the Traditions
Livy Visano
Crime and Culture is a pathbreaking work in the critical study of crime and criminology. In this book Livy ...
  • September 1997
  • 9781551300689
  • $49.95 Print

Grammaire expliquée du français contemporain

Marguerite Mahler
Beaucoup d'apprenants, après quelques semestres d'apprentissage, souhaitent une étude plus systmématique de...
  • September 1996
  • 9781551301341
  • $59.95 Print

Mieux traduire, mieux s'exprimer

Cahier d'exercices pour l'apprentissage du français écrit et parlé
Valentine Watson Rodger
Traduire, c'est rendre, dans la langue d'arrivée, le message puisé dans le texte en langue de départ. Il s'...
  • January 1996
  • 9781551300900
  • $39.95 Print

Canadian Culture

An Introductory Reader
Elspeth Cameron
The surest way to the hearts of a Canadian audience is to inform them that their souls are to be identified...
  • January 1996
  • 9781551300894
  • $57.95 Print

Behind the Bars

Experiences in Crime
Frederick J. Desroches
Bank robbers. Who are they? Where do they come from? What motivates individuals to commit these crimes?Behi...
  • April 1995
  • 9780929005690
  • $19.95 Print

The Journal Project

Dialogs & Conversations Inside Women's Studies
Dana Putnam, Dorothy Kidd, Elaine Dornan, Patty Moore
Women's Studies students talk about sexism, racism, violence against women, sexuality and school in this lo...
  • January 1994
  • 9780921627999
  • $72.95 Print

Social Work Practice in Health Care Settings

Michael Holosko, P.A. Taylor
Social Work Practice in Health Care Settings is written by social work practitioners for colleagues in heal...