Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

Canadian Scholars’ Press is actively seeking proposals for books in the field of Child and Youth Care. Proposal submissions from early career as well as established researchers will be considered.

If you have an idea for a new book or would like to write or edit a book for undergraduate, graduate, and/or practitioner use, please contact Acquisitions Editor Colin Owen at 416-929-2774 ext. 241 or email colin.owen@canadianscholars.ca

  • August 2014
  • 9780889615137
  • $58.95 Print

Becoming Girl

Collective Biography and the Production of Girlhood
Marnina Gonick, Susanne Gannon
Becoming Girl interrogates the everyday of girlhood through the collaborative feminist methodology of colle...
  • January 2014
  • 9781551305431
  • $86.95 Print
  • $81.95 eBook

Youth and Society, 3rd Edition

The Long and Winding Road
Vappu Tyyskä
In this essential third edition, Vappu Tyyskä examines the challenges faced by today’s young people through...
  • August 2011
  • 9781551303956
  • $44.95 Print

Youth, Language, and Identity

Portraits of Students from English-language High Schools in the Montreal Area
Diane Gérin-Lajoie
This book is a path-breaking examination of identity construction among minority-language youth. Based on a...
  • April 2009
  • 9781894549783
  • $30.95 Print

Who’s Your Daddy

And Other Writings on Queer Parenting
Rachel Epstein
This ground-breaking collection of writing brings vital and refreshing insights into current discussions ab...
  • June 2001
  • 9781894549066
  • $34.95 Print

Turbo Chicks

Talking Young Feminisms
Allyson Mitchell, Lisa Bryn Rundle, Lara Karaian
Energetic, reflective, often passionate, Turbo Chicks clearly and powerfully demonstrates that feminism has...