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Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Academicliteracy placeholder
  • December 2018
  • 9781773380919
  • $69.95 Print

Academic Literacy in the Social Sciences

Judy Eaton, David Morris
Academic Literacy in the Social Sciences is a practical introductory guide that supports students through ...
2018 medialiteracy cvr
  • August 2018
  • 9781773380797
  • $54.95 Print

Media Literacy for Citizenship

A Canadian Perspective
Kirsten Kozolanka, Paul Orlowski
Offering a critical perspective, Media Literacy for Citizenship emphasizes the ability to analyze media mes...
2018 scc cvr
  • August 2018
  • 9781773380766
  • $59.95 Print

Strategic Communication in Canada

Planning Effective PR Campaigns
Bernard Gauthier
Informed by decades of agency experience, Bernard Gauthier prepares aspiring public relations students to t...
2018 academicwriting cvr
  • May 2018
  • 9781773380407
  • $54.95 Print

Academic Writing, Third Edition

The Complete Guide
Steven C. Roe, Pamela H. den Ouden
The challenges of teaching and learning academic-level writing may be greater than ever before due to the p...
2015 designs for disciplines cvr
  • December 2015
  • 9781551308883
  • $54.95 Print

Designs for Disciplines, Second Edition

A Guide to Academic Writing
Steven C. Roe, Pamela H. den Ouden
Crafting a well-written academic paper is often a challenge for college and university students. With this ...
2014 professional communications cvr
  • October 2014
  • 9781551306315
  • $63.95 Print

Professional Communications in the Public Sector

A Practical Guide
Ted Glenn
In this enterprising new text, Ted Glenn equips fledgling public sector communications professionals with t...