Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Canadian Scholars’ Press
560 pages
6 x 9 inches
August 2004
Print ISBN: 9781551302331
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This third edition of Social Work Practice with the Elderly describes significant practice issues and current challenges facing gerontological social workers, who are working with the fastest growing demographic cohort in North America. Insightful and creative practitioners provide current accounts and case examples from their work in a variety of settings. The material includes both micro and macro practice and offers a focus on advanced specialty practice while also providing an advanced generalist model.

All the chapters have been rewritten and updated by adding related additional readings and websites. Six new chapters have been added on sensory impairment, HIV/AIDS, elder abuse, community-assisted living, rural elderly, retirement and volunteerism.

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Table of Contents

Section I: Direct Practice Elements
Chapter 1: An Overview of Social Work Practice with the Elderly - Marvin D. Feit and Nuria M. Cuevas-Feit
Chapter 2: What Is Unique about Social Work Practice with the Elderly? - D. Ann Holosko and Michael J. Holosko
Chapter 3: Conducting Psychosocial Assessments with the Elderly - Susan Watt and Ahuva Soifer
Chapter 4: Selected Problems in Counselling the Elderly - Susan Birnie-Marino
Chapter 5: Medication Utilization Problems among the Elderly: Implications for Social Work Practice - Vincent J. Giannetti
Chapter 6: Social Policies that Influence Practice with the Elderly - Donald R. Leslie and Michael J. Holosko
Chapter 7: Identifying the Elderly Alcoholic: A Niche for Gerontological Social Work Practice - Michael J. Holosko and Melanie Gallant
Chapter 8: Case Management Practice with the Elderly - Carol D. Austin and Robert W. McClelland
Chapter 9: Social Work Practice with Sensory Impairments: Hearing, Taste, Touch, Smell, and Vision Loss - Donald R. Leslie and M. Kaye Leslie
Chapter 10: Abuse and Neglect of the Elderly Person - Jacqueline F.L. Bobyk-Krumins and Michael J. Holosko
Chapter 11: HIV/AIDS and the Elderly: Implications for Social Work Practice - Natalie St. John and Michael J. Holosko
Chapter 12: Social Work Practice with Rural Elderly - Patricia MacKenzie
Chapter 13: Retirement: Preparation, Planning, and Participation - Laura Taylor and Michael J. Holosko
Chapter 14: Facilitating a Goodness-of-Fit between Older Volunteers and Their Communities - Judith A. Wheeler

Section II: Selected Practice Settings
Chapter 15: Social Work Practice with Institutionalized Frail Elderly - Ron Martyn and Len Fabiano
Chapter 16: Social Work Practice in Nursing Homes - Lisa S. Patchner and Michael A. Patchner
Chapter 17: Social Work Practice in Geriatric Assessment Units in Adult Daycare - Patricia MacKenzie
Chapter 18: Social Work Practice with the Elderly in an Integrated Adult Day Centre Program - Fran Kleiner, Rhoda Kopstein, Joyce Lagunoff, and Sorele Urman
Chapter 19: Social Work Practice with Family Caregivers of Frail Older Persons - Ronald W. Toseland, Tamara L. Smith, and Michele Zinoman
Chapter 20: Social Work Practice with the Rural Elderly with Mental Retardation - Barbara A. Dicks and Vincent J. Venturini
Chapter 21: Social Work Practice in a Private Retirement Community - Virginia L. Fitch, Lee R. Slivinske, and Sally Nichols
Chapter 22: Social Work Practice with Geriatric Patients in a Rehabilitation Hospital - Virginia L. Fitch, Lee R. Slivinske, Janice Green, and Debra Hinkson
Chapter 23: Assisted Living, Social Work Practice, and the Elderly - Elaine T. Jurkowski, Margery Kemp, and Susan Patterson
Chapter 24: Social Work Practice in Community Psychogeriatric Programs - Darlene H. Kindiak, Jane L. Grieve, Glen E. Randall, and Victoria A. Madsen

Section III: Future Considerations
Chapter 25: Gerontological Social Work Practice in 2005 and Beyond - Michael J. Holosko, Linda J. White, and Marvin D. Feit

Michael Holosko

Michael J. Holosko is Professor at the School of Social Work, University of Windsor. He has taught social work and nursing and has been a consultant in the human service and health field for the past twelve years in Canada, the United States and Europe. His specialty areas are clinical and program evaluation, administrative skills and stress management. He also serves on the editorial board for the Journal of Health and Social Policy. He has served on numerous boards of directors for a variety of human service agencies including Health and Welfare Canada’s Research Advisory Committee.

Social Work Practice and the Elderly, 3rd Edition, Social Work Practice in Health Care Settings


"A comprehensive text which covers the full range of practice skills and activities required for effective gerontological social work practice in the 1990s. It is very well written and clearly articulates practice settings in both Canada and the United States. Any practitioner working in this field should have a copy of this text on their desk."
—  John S. Wodarski, Ph.D., Associate Vice President, Research & Graduate Studies, University of Akron, Ohio

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