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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Canadian Scholars’ Press
440 pages
8.5 x 11 inches
July 2020
Print ISBN: 9781773381787


The first of its kind, this practicum-specific resource serves as an accompanying guidebook for fieldwork, placement, or classroom instruction in child and youth care practice. Child and Youth Care in the Field: A Practicum Guidebook uses critical reflection to facilitate student learning and growth throughout the practicum experience. Students can apply and build upon the theory and skills acquired during their fieldwork by utilizing the engaging workbook features and writing spaces included in the text. This resource helps prepare students for practicum and expand their self-awareness by discussing the challenges and difficulties they will encounter in the field, and by providing insight on how to navigate the decision-making process.

With the increasing need for a hands-on resource in child and youth care studies, this book is well suited for first year, field placement, and professional skills courses in child and youth care programs at the college and university level.


  • includes checklists of child and youth care competencies, prompting discussion questions, practical exercises, and scenario examples for students to reflect on
  • “Voices from the Field” sections provide valuable mentorship and insight
  • reflective of diverse voices and scenarios in the child and youth care field

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Table of Contents




PART I: Setting the Stage

Chapter 1: Your Theoretical Orientation to CYC Practice

Chapter 2: Finding & Preparing for Your CYC Practicum Placement

Chapter 3: Professional CYC Practice

Chapter 4: Making the Most of Your Learning & Supervision

Chapter 5: Reflective CYC Practice

PART II: In the Midst

Chapter 6: Diverse People, Diverse Practices, & Diverse Possibilities

Chapter 7: Facilitating Therapeutic Change in CYC

Chapter 8: Community & Organizational CYC Practice

Chapter 9: Challenging & Challenges in CYC Practice

Chapter 10: Observing, Documenting, Writing, & Reporting in CYC

PART III: Ending & Moving Forward

Chapter 11: Wellness & Self-Care in CYC

Chapter 12: Closing Relationships & Closing Practices in CYC

Chapter 13: Consolidating Your Learning & Working in the CYC Field



Carys Cragg

Carys Cragg is faculty in Child, Family and Community Studies at Douglas College, current coordinator of the Child and Youth Care program, past coordinator of the Aboriginal Stream, and teaches practicum in Child and Youth Care, Youth Justice, and the Aboriginal Stream. She holds a BA and MA in Child and Youth Care from the University of Victoria and has 15 years of experience working with children, youth, and their families in community mental health, crisis support, youth outreach, educational, research, program development, and quality assurance roles. Cragg is a member of the Child and Youth Care Association of British Columbia, the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, and the Writers’ Union of Canada.


“This thought-provoking book offers a pathway for a new generation of CYC practitioners to practice from an expansive range of frameworks and worldviews that reveal some of the historic injustices that have resulted in systemic discrimination and exclusion evident in contemporary practice settings. It calls students to reflect on the ‘helping’ profession and invokes the spirit of social justice going beyond rhetoric and virtue signalling.”

Child and Youth Care in the Field is a wonderful guidebook that supports students, educators, and supervisors through the CYC practicum journey. Carys Cragg skillfully blends CYC theory and practice in ways that challenge both educators and students to experience their practicum journeys in diverse ways. Informed by youth voice, social justice, Truth and Reconciliation, and essential reflective practices, this book pushes the traditional CYC canon finally into the realities of contemporary Child and Youth Care.”

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