Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Canadian Scholars’ Press
341 pages
8.5 x 11 inches
August 2009
Print ISBN: 9781551303581
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Reading German II, the official exercise book for Reading German, the web-based reading comprehension course of Deutsch-Uni Online, provides the perfect way to improve your understanding of the German language, even with little or no prior knowledge.

Especially effective for students in select English-taught subjects at German universities and in beginner's German courses within the English-speaking world, Reading German II presents a wide variety of readings and exercises and offers a contemporary view on what shapes the German language and culture. Ideal for use in blended learning instruction, this authoritative manual's well-balanced step-by-step progression also allows for completely independent learning.

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Table of Contents

Technical Requirements
First Steps Online
Übersicht – Overview

1. Getting started: The Basics of Reading German
Kapitel 1: Easy Access to Texts
Kapitel 2: First Orientation
Kapitel 3: Principles of Word Formation
Kapitel 4: Deducing Meaning
Kapitel 5: Using Cultural Knowledge – the Story of Berlin

2. Getting ahead: Technological Innovations
Kapitel 1: Top-Quality Technology from Germany
Kapitel 2: Technological Innovation in the Sciences
Kapitel 3: Starting a Career in Engineering
Kapitel 4: Germany – a Place to Study
Kapitel 5: Car Drivers’ Paradise – the Autobahn

3. Getting educated: Aspects of European Culture and Society
Kapitel 1: Europe in records
Kapitel 2: European Multilingualism
Kapitel 3: The German Education system
Kapitel 4: The Formation of a Union
Kapitel 5: Shell Eco-Marathon

4. Getting literate: Famous Texts in German
Kapitel 1: A Tale by the Brothers Grimm
Kapitel 2: Robinson Crusoe
Kapitel 3: A Tale by Martin Luther
Kapitel 4: An Original Recipe
Kapitel 5: Schiller’s Wilhelm Tell

5. Getting down to business: On Quality Management
Kapitel 1: Managing Equality – the German Constitution
Kapitel 2: Managing Management – Leasing a Manager
Kapitel 3: An Voltaire
Kapitel 4: Training the Managers
Kapitel 5: Ranking Universities

Vocabulary – Vokabeln

Student Resources

General Student Resource - Download

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