Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds
373 pages
6 x 9 inches
July 1999
Print ISBN: 9781551301488
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Feminist struggles have targeted corporate capital, male-dominated social structures, and patriarchal ideas and culture. The contest with the state, however, has provided the most substantial focus. The public sector is an employer of great numbers of women; women are the largest consumers of state services; the state regulates both the capitalist economy and the private household; struggle with the state has brought about change that is favourable to women's lives.

Or has it? This collection looks at struggles in education, health care, and welfare in Canada, Latin America, and Europe. It includes thirteen brilliantly nuanced reports from the front lines of the feminist revolution. In these accounts the contradictions of women's struggles are made clear. Each victory has its victims. State reforms lead to new contradictions and provide new terrain for the struggle.

Readers of this book will be exposed to different modes of understanding the state. They will advance their understanding of how the struggle against the state is to be shaped. And they will be energized to carry on the struggle.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction: Contested Terrain - Pat Armstrong and M. Patricia Connelly

Chapter 2: The Incorporation of Public School Teachers into the Industrial Order: British Columbia in the First Half of the Twentieth Century - Terry Wotherspoon

Chapter 3: Changing Labour Process and the Nursing Crisis in Canadian Hospitals - Jerry White

Chapter 4: The Retreat of the State and Long-Term Care Provision: Implications for Frail Elderly Pepole, Unpaid Family Carers and Paid Home-Care Workers - Jane Aronson and Sheila M. Neysmith

Chapter 5: The Mixed Social Economy as a Canadian Tradition - Mariana Valverde

Chapter 6: The Blurring of Boundaries: Private and Public Welfare for Single Mothers in Ontario - Margaret Little

Chapter 7: Depoliticizing Insurgency: The Politics of the Family in Alberta - Lois Harder

Chapter 8: The Dilemma of Liberal Citizenship: Women and Social Assistance Reform in the 1990s - Katherine Scott

Chapter 9: The Radical Potential of the European Communiy's Equality Legislation - Wendy McKeen

Chapter 10: Duet for Peasant and Socialist Revolutionary, with Obbligato Feminism: Lessons of the Nicaraguan Case - Phil Ryan

Chapter 11: The Womb is to the Nation as the Heart is to the Body: Ethnopoligical Discourses of the Canadian Indigenous Women's Movement - Jo-Anne Fiske

Chapter 12: A Critical Feminist Analysis of the Final Report of the Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies - Lorna Weir and Jasmin Habib

Chapter 13: Of GIFTS, GAMETRICS, Victim Women and Surplus Peoples: New Reproductive Technologies and the Representation of 'Third World' Women - Navsharan Singh

Pat Armstrong

Pat Armstrong is a Distinguished Research Professor of Sociology at York University and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. She is the author of numerous books and articles in health and gender and has held a Canada Health Services Research Foundation/Canadian Institute of Health Research Chair in Health Services.

Labour Pains, Women's Health, Studies in Political Economy, Thinking Women and Health Care Reform in Canada, Troubling Care, Women's Health, Second Edition, Feminism, Political Economy, and the State

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